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Getting Started

Guided steps to get started

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Video Walkthroughs

A library of video walkthroughs to assist in navigating the Play app.

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General Info

About Rookie Me Play

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Join Team

How to join teams in Play.

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If your question is not answered here please contact us.

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Information on the different field configurations available to users

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Create and edit your player's details

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Learn about team customisation and management.

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Managing your events through the Play app.

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Game Setup

How to configure Play to be at it's best for your matches.

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Master all the game day features available on the platform.

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Scoring and Stats

Discover the vast amount of data points handled for you.

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Player Alerts

Discover how Play makes managing fair game time for your players, a breeze.

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Player Time

How to track your players game time.

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The domain of knowledge for terms used within Play.

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List View

Learn how to utilise Plays List View mode.

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Account and Privacy

See information about your account and our policies

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Documentation specific to the WAFC league.

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